A premium exclusive project cargo breakbulk network

ABA is created as a not-for-profit service facilitator who’s only ambition is to serve their members and help them to achieve their goals. It is a premium worldwide network for independent freight forwarders dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Moreover we are an atypical network, since we manage both an NVOCC and a number of innovative Networks under the same roof, which surely can help to offer your customers a tailor-made service.

Since our tools and programs are unique and since our values and code of ethics are bullet-proof, we believe we can help you serving your customers in the best possible way.

A high quality network

Whereas other project cargo networks claim to be the largest or the most powerful, ABA aims to focus on quality rather than quantity.
By offering our members a unique formula of added values, we are convinced we set a new standard in the industry.

We truly believe that bringing the hand-picked members together leads to successful business relationships.

A financially secure network

Thanks to the thorough vetting of potential members, we guarantee that our network is completely reliable and trustworthy. Our Payment Protection Program (3P) further ensures that our members can do business with each other in a completely safe and secure environment.

Additionally, ABA membership comes with a revolutionary credit risk insurance which is managed by a neutral third party giving us a substantial edge over any other network.

  • Worldwide Service Contracts with cash back incentives

  • International payment system without banking or transfer charges

  • Global NVOCC with FMC and Chinese MoT license

  • Rate and B/L filing facilities made easy

  • On-line cargo insurance

  • Ethical code of conduct including anti-corruption policy

  • International credit risk analysis in +250 countries

  • Container repositioning in 2500 global locations for +250.000 boxes

  • Preferential access to innovative partners in ICT and supply chain

  • Container trade lane benchmarking club

  • Annual global members meeting in conjunction with Breakbulk Europe