Introducing the Atlas Breakbulk Alliance

ABA is created as a not-for-profit service facilitator who’s only ambition is to serve their members and help them to achieve their goals.

All profits made by ABA will be reinvested in the development of tools and programs with the only ambition to serve our members.

Since our tools and programs are unique and since our values and code of ethics are bullet-proof, we believe we can help you serving your customers in the best possible way.

Albert Pegg

With the appointment of Albert Pegg as Managing Director of the above-mentioned Alliance on January 1st 2016, we have fulfilled our promise to set up a separate Alliance for Breakbulk and Project Cargo.
Albert’s track record on both agency and shipping line’s level is impressive. He was the MD in Antwerp of West African Liner Agency, ASECO & Safmarine Belgium. He lead the Safmarine MPV liner services (owned by the Maersk-group) and is/was a Board Member of shipping & logistics companies as well as the Antwerp Shipping Federation, Seagha and Portilog.

Since 2008 he is an independent consultant, who’s customers included amongst others the Antwerp Port Authority, an oil major, Sarens, CMC Ltd (a Tata Group Company) etc.

He is one of three Founding Fathers of Breakbulk Europe as well as a Director of PICS Belgium, the Belgian integrated supply chain society and official International Associate of the American APICS association.