Although this is a tricky one, we will not shy away from negotiating on your behalf with some of the biggest names in the Heavy Lift and Breakbulk shipping line industry. We are already in contact with some of these lines HQ’s and the willingness from their side to come to a deal is certainly there. In today’s demand driven environment this is an understandable position.

Depending on the requirements of your customers Atlas Line bills of lading or those of the carriers can be used. We also have prepared an Atlas Breakbulk Alliance charter party template, which we can use with the lines and we are negotiating the use of this document with a number of the common names in our industry. Looking forward discussing with our members, who should be our preferred carriers, given the volatile and unstable market. We don’t want your cargo ending up on a shipping line in distress, with as result having to pay the sea freight again to the actual owners of the vessel in order to get your cargo to final destination.

We will make the charter party template available on the website, but for evident reasons please inform us if and when you use it even in the case of a carrier Bill of Lading.

Breakbulk as LCL

For smaller lots of cargo and when there’s no Breakbulk Line available within the required timeframe we always can rely on Atlas’s global deal with ECU-Line to get your customer’s cargo to the port of destination. The agreement entails 31.000 port pair possibilities with following features:

  • on-line rating facilities
  • on-line track & trace systems 
  • on-line sailing schedules

The pros of a centralized purchasing function are:

  • Cost-savings and standardization of the service purchased
  • Bulk buying strengthens the bargaining position of the buyer
  • It enables to develop and maintain good relations with the suppliers