Payment conditions between partners are vital in today’s industry of forwarding & logistics. If this is also one of your main concerns, then we have the answer for you.

Since more than 15 years the Atlas Group is offering a solution for the issue. It is truly unique since your unpaid invoices will be covered by an Insurance Company, registered in London with Lloyds and classified by Standard & Poors. We are presently the only logistic and forwarding network in the world who is able to arrange an insurance cover for its members.


Simply because we have an outstanding record and reputation with our brokers since 10 years. We have a proven reliability of our members with various clean sheets over the many years since our foundation and thus we have created goodwill and confidence with the insurance company !!

And there is more…

In case of any insolvency, suspected insolvency or protracted default of one of our members, we guarantee them a reimbursement of their invoice for an amount up to maximum USD 100.000 per invoice and an annual aggregate of USD 750.000

“The secret to financial security is not to have more money, but having MORE CONTROL over the money we presently have”