Thanks to ABA’s partnership with xChange’s online platform for one-way container moves/SOC containers, you can now find available container equipment including flat racks, open tops and other special equipment in more than 2,500 locations globally.

ABA-members can use them on a one-way basis for redelivery to the lessor in the POD!

Key advantages:

Achieve global transparency on your entire network, find out where you can lease in containers for your cargo.

Enjoy pro-active recommendations generated automatically by xChange based on your needs and comprehensive optimization algorithms

Reduction of manual workload
Leverage xChange’s intuitive online workflow and process support to lower manual workload and free up capacity to solve strategic questions

New and convenient revenue channel
Access previously untapped revenue opportunities through short term and one-way leases

Simplified operational processes
Simplified billing and invoicing—completely covered by xChange so that you only have to check monthly consolidated invoices

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
Helmut Schmidt