Obviously a lot of leads will be generated by the members, but due to our contacts with major EPC’s, High and Heavy OEM’s, O&G -, mining – and construction companies we will also endeavour to provide you with worthwhile commercial information. Furthermore during the main industry events described in the sales and marketing page, our aim will be the same: extracting info on cargo flows, finding out who controls the routing and sharing this with the members.

Thanks to our Cooperation with FLENZIES, we also offer a new dimension of business development based on minutes instead of months. In short it’s the supply chain business accelerator, combining true professionals, single-click „yes/no“ logic, brief, precise communication and proven software technology.

Finally, our collaboration with FLENZIES, the go-to supply chain business accelerator, allows you direct access to true logistics professionals through a combination of yes/no logic, brief, precise communication and proven software technology. This gives you the opportunity to grow your business in minutes rather than months.

“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”
Zig Ziglar