Thanks to our excellent contacts with major magazines, such as Breakbulk and HLPFI, we will be regularly featured and included on their websites and flyers. The annual Breakbulk Conference and Exhibition in Antwerp will be used to showcase our uniqueness as well as our deep local knowledge, Other main industry events such as ADIPEC – Abu Dhabi, OTC – Houston, Mining – Cape Town, Off- & Onshore Wind (no fixed City) will be chosen to showcase both ABA & the Atlas Line flag. In case you have other suggestions do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.

Besides your and our presence above we will also make sure your achievements will be spread virally on the sites of LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and even via Twitter.

Use your own marketing & sales budget for your direct hinterland and ride the wave of the Atlas Breakbulk Alliance for global recognition as well as virtual and real life presence.

Sales leads

Obviously a lot of leads will be generated by the members, but due to our contacts with major EPC’s, High and Heavy OEM’s, O&G -, mining – and construction companies we will also endeavour to provide you with worthwhile commercial information. Furthermore during the main industry events described above our aim will be the same: extracting info on cargo flows, finding out who controls the routing and sharing this with the members.

Through our partnerships we are in a much better position to service the needs of all of our clients and enjoy mutual profits.

Chester Jenkins – USA