Unfortunately, Breakbulk Europe scheduled for 18-20 May of this year will have to be cancelled. Large scale events in Germany are still prohibited and these restrictions are unlikely to be removed in time for the event to take place with the result that cancellation is now unavoidable.

Further, we have recently been informed that the venue has agreed with local authorities that given events are not permitted to take place at this time, the venue can be used as a vaccine facility, likely through to the end of August. While we considered moving the event to later in the year, because Breakbulk Americas is taking place in late September and our next Breakbulk Europe event is planned for May 2022, we have decided, in consultation with our customers, that a full year cancellation is the best decision for all concerned, particularly since travel restrictions are likely to remain in place for some months to come. Our number one goal is to ensure the event is a success for everyone involved with the expected volume and quality of exhibitors and visitors to accelerate new business.

In happier news, I am excited to tell you that Breakbulk Europe 2022 will be held in Rotterdam at Ahoy, adjacent to the Port of Rotterdam. We intend to hold the event at this location for two years, and then consider other options for 2024.

Extract from Nick Davison’s message to the Breakbulk Exhibitors

Portfolio Director, Breakbulk & CWIEME

Hyve Group PLC

Photo: Frans Blok / Shutterstock.com